Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday Fashion Pick

  1. Asymmetrical black maxi dress
  2. oversized brown blazer
  3. Black ostrich inspired birkin bag
  4. gold studded belt
  5. Feathered fringe necklace
  6. CD lipgloss
  7. Jadore Perfume

Shopping Haul

Feeling the heat in your head that makes u walk around like a zombie?

Dreading the blues, a troubled soul needs: Retail Therapy!

Yes! that is & always will be my cure as a fashion junkie. Extremely proud of my haul today. Looking at it brings joy to my soul *big smile on face*

*Cat is for illustration purposes only *hehe*

The haul consist of must have items for this season :

1: Asymmetrical dresses x2
2: Black Maxi Tulle Skirt
3: Assorted crop tees *for my experiments*
4: Block color skirt
5: Knitted Tops
6: Black Diamond Sheer Shirt
7: Electric blue sheer asymmetrical top
8: Noir American flag top
9: Brown Vintage Sling bag
10: Ostrich inspired black Birkin Bag

Can't wait to pair them up & strut my stuff! *imagining in glee*

Revealing A Cosmic Experiment

Hey guys, on my last blog post I told u that i'm working on a crazy obsession experiment?

Yeah here it is! I'm so glad its finally done! I'm so hyped to show u guys what I was up to.

here are the pictures of me rawking these baby's out!

A boring old top transformed into a fringed gradient top

Grey carrot-cut jeans? It was a lil to baggy for me so I've decided to turn it into a distressed, bleached frayed studded cut-offs

This was inspired by the trend right now, american flag styling. However, I wanted to be 'Patriotic' thus, this came into mind. What do u think of it?

And my last piece, white bell bottom jeans was super last season which I thought a little splash of fun in colors might perk things up. Here is my pink gradient high-waisted cut-offs

After much experimenting and loads of cutting, every apparels I see I'll imagine how this top would be if I alter it like this and that. OMG! this is uber bad!bad!bad! or is it good in a creative and individualistic way? =p

Feel free to comment of my little experiment. Every comment is important whether is it a bad remark or an awesome compliment <3

P/S: I do make these baby's upon request, whether just like those above or any other DIY cut-offs or fringed tops. Your order can be customized just for you *Uber love!*

Here are some examples to choose from or u can provide me pictures =)

*price will be subjected to different customization*

Okay! shall continue on experimenting! Cheerios!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A little sneak a peaky of the Experiment

Know what's coming up??

You're gonna love what you'll see next! Cuz I am <3

Obsession for Freys, Bleaches, Studs,Dyes and Fringes!

I'm up to some craziness!

This obsession is so great that it has gotten me insanely occupied like a mad scientist on his experiment.

And this experiment mixture contains loads of Freys, Bleaching, Studs, Dyes and Fringes!

hehehehehehe! *giggles with crazy obsessed look*

Stay tuned for what's to come!

Its going to be an explosion of magical glitters I tell u! <3

A new blogshop in town!

We know that there are MILLIONS of blogshop already available in town, however these beauties have come together with their shop the 'Red Velvet Ribbons', to offer us more retail therapy for our 'obsession' for clothes!

Apparels ranging from Uber HOT sheer leopard top to my personal favorite, their pink toga dress. Absolute love!

On top of that, they're offering these great offers for the opening:

All first-time buyers are entitled to 10% off anything you purchase !

& on top of that,
purchase 3 pieces and above & your shipment fee will be on them ! (how great is that?! everyone loves free stuff)

With deals so great I'm already a 'click' away from getting some baybies for myself!

Check them out at:

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Confession of a social networkingholic

I gotta admit that I spend hours & hours glued to the screen just browsing through various make-up sites & blog shops!

I wish there is a job that allows me to do such thing, is there?

Whilst browsing recently, I came across this girl's shop which totally caught my attention. Her pictures & apparels are sooo HAWT!!! Kind of a mixture of scene girl pin up look? Uber love love!! Go ahead and have a look at her shop at the link below :

Her pictures got me inspired to play up some make-up style & Oooh I'm lovin the turquoise sexy sultry smokin eyes. Here are the end results:

If you're wondering what products were used, these are the few simple stuff that can be gotten at our very own Guardian & Pasar Malam! Isn't it awesome? and they're a bargain too!

Products used were:

1: eyeshadow 120 palette ( can be gotten at Pasar Malam, TimeSquare and
2: Blue glitter ( Silky Girl)
3: Dior Lip Gloss
4: My favorite liquid eyeliner '24hours eyeliner injection' ( kji & Co Tokyo)
5: Eyelashes ( Pasar Malam, TimeSquare and